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If you exposed the negative film in the same manner as you did the slide then the negative will be greatly underexposed. To be more percise, proper metering for slide film requies reading the highlights. You do NOT want to do that with negative film. With negative film it is very important that you meter the shadows.
I do a LOT of "Copying Art Work" - producing 35mm Transparencies for submission to Galleries and Art Schools. NO ONE is more critical of color fidelity than the Artist who painted the work.
Therefore, all my work in done in the Studio, with Dynalites - and the only metering I do is incident - with a GOSSEN Ultra-Pro, and the "Studio" attachment.

I'm a little puzzled as to the difference between exposure for Color Transparency film and Color Negative --- can you give a little more detailed description of why the shadow - highlight metering is necessary?