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Max ,

I agree with you but I believe Tri X requires a real Leica that ones were 30 to 70 years old . My new camera is modern , more sterile , hot colors , no artful grain. I think until I buy an real Leitz , Kodak will lost the game. So today , Pan F is more suitable to my camera. I always looked and apprentice the old photographs but I am older and my taste is newer. Ilya1963s pictures were really excellent and I loved them a lot , especially dark , cinema affiches ones. Whites are dazzling and lots of tones of blacks , greys and highlights. They made me to believe Ilford easily.


Grain is not about the camera, and only VERY partially about lenses. Tri-X will give you a great look and grain with any camera and some Rodinal, assuming you put some effort into it. Ilya's work is fantastic but there is a A LOT more that goes into that than simply a film choice and lens. In fact, I can honestly say that his images look the way they do NOT because of his film choice. Developer plays a part but it's his process and vision that deliver those prints. He contact prints 8x10 sheet film on Lodima paper and develops them in Amidol. That gives a very unique look and it is not easy to master successfully. I don't want to burst any bubbles but the truth is that film choice is the least important part of the look of a final print.