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Is liquidation still a possibility: ?
Always is. But the question is whether it makes any sense to keep EK's structure. I would say no, hell no. They need to fragment into smaller, viable units. I can imagine, within EK's [too] broad range of expertise, a subset of smaller companies, perhaps private for a year or two, which could pounce on the inevitable economic upswing and make big waves. Look, it is a probably a good thing to make an nonviable company go away right now, ASAP, in these market conditions. You kill the legacy costs and sit and wait for the upswing and pin your hopes to that. What you don't do is hemorrhage money and credibility waiting for an upswing that could be many years away.

One has to remember that the most valuable quantity that a company has is not its patent library nor its brand. All of those things have fiat values, especially if the company is public. It is the quality of its people right now... and to a much lesser extent the company history. The patents come form people and those people still have the same brain cells. They may be tired of fighting and jaded and all that, but... one hopes that some of the core creative abilities are still there in the bowels of the company. If not then liquidate all and forget it, like polaroid.

If I were on the EK board I would march a bunch of venture capitalists into the room, get them to sign NDAs, show them the patents, and award the name EK to the best idea to keep some fragment of the company alive. The harsh reality is that the company as a whole is probably not viable.

I am assuming there is some really nice IP in there somewhere which can generate the next big thing. I could be wrong, it could be one big mirage. The venture capital will tell us which is true, and very soon.