I hate the name "Camera Porn," but most people know this term.

Full Rules at My BLOG: http://antiquecameras.net/blog.html

Starting today, I am accepting images of Antique and Classic Cameras or Lenses, or any photographica for that matter, for a contest that I am sponsoring. Among all the entries, I will select the top 3 images, then post them on my website for viewers to vote on and select the final winning image. Winning photographer will receive $ 100.00 CASH sent via paypal.

THE IMAGE MUST INCLUDE AN ANTIQUE OR CLASSIC CAMERA, LENS OR OTHER PHOTOGRAPHICA (otherwise crassly known as "Camera Porn"). The image can be of anything as long as a camera, lens or photographica is included (1839-1959)

If your image is one of the finalists, it will be showcased on the antiquecameras.net website and/or Blog.

You will be credited for the image and all rights remain with you forever. We do reserve the right to permanently leave or display a copy of your image (with full credits) on antiquecameras.net

Image should be of any item of photographic interest within the 1839-1959 period.

Top 3 images will be selected based upon originality, aesthetic appeal and subject interest.

Limit of 3 images per person. Each image should be sent in individual emails.

I am accepting images for the period of October 1-15th. However, I do reserve the right to extend these dates if interest warrants it. On or about October 16th, the 3 finalist images will be put on the site for voting by the viewers of my site. Voting will finish on October 31st. Final image winner to receive prize no later than November 5th, 2011.

How to Submit

Email a JPEG image as an ATTACHMENT to dan@antiquecameras.net
Your submission must be taken by you.
Submit one image per email. No zip files, please.
You can submit up to 3 images per person.
In each of your emails, please list your credit information for your image (ie.., Copyright John Doe 2011 ).
The image dimensions must be somewhere between 400x400 and 850x850 pixels. Ideal size for landscape images would be no more than 825 pixels wide. Ideal size for portrait format would be no more than 550 pixels wide.
To ensure smooth loading, no photo must be no greater than 1Mb in filesize.
Your photo MUST be in JPG format. Post-processing and image borders are allowed.
I will reply with a message that your images were received.