To be honest, I don't perceive that Kodak makes actually any products besides film.

Yes, I know they sell printers, inks and other digital doodads but they don't manufacture very much besides film.
Even the pack of Kodak branded inkjet paper I have says, "Made in Germany. Finished in USA for Eastman Kodak Company."
It says, to me that Kodak didn't make them paper themselves. They farmed it out to somebody else who stamped the Kodak brand on the finished product.

Kodak isn't a manufacture of anything. "Kodak" is just a word that gets stamped on things. It's just a meaningless brand name.

If something doesn't give, soon, Kodak is going to end up like Polaroid.
The Polaroid we know doesn't exist. Polaroid went bankrupt years ago. The thing that people see, nowadays, is just a logo that some company bought the rights to use so they could stamp it on packages.

I don't even know what company owns the Polaroid brand, anymore. I'm not sure it even matters.
That's what's going to happen to Kodak.