I have done testing of Ilford FP4+, Rollei Superpan 200 and Kodak Plus-x.

Reason: Kodak 120 Plus-x i discontinued, i like the film and will try to create dev-routines for other films to fill the gap. The test i did today showed that:

RPS @64 Iso in Hc110 Dil B for 5.30 seconds in handinverting tank was close.
Ilford @64 Iso in HC110 Dil B for 6 minutes in Handinverting tank was close
Plus-x was in same dillution @64 ISO for 5 minutes.

Then all of the film had density above basfog in Zone 0 and Zone V greycard and Colorchecker printed similar results on Foma 311 grade 2 filter.