This is the uber Rare Jos. Schneifer & Co. Kreuznach Weitwinkel Anastigmat Dasykar f12.5 F-15.5CM

If you've never seen or heard of this lens, well, here y'are. I had read of them in the Vade Mecum but this is the first one I've ever seen.

According to the Vade Mecum this should cover 110 degrees the same as a Series V Protar.

Embarrased to say I've never put it on a camera. It did not have a flange or jamb nut when I got it. I'll look through my extras, but no guarantees. Consider for the sake of this sale it is sans flange.

This should cover 8X10 easily with a bit of movements. If it matters I can put it on the Deardorff 1114 and see if it squeaks around that giant. $388 includes shipping in USA