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Well the title says it all. I dabbled with 35 mm and medium format 3 or 4 years ago for fun, now i'm in college and i'm taking a b&w 35mm class, and i love my f4 (that i bought for the class), however, i've always been rather interested in rangefinders. i would love a compact one that i can carry around the city with me and barely notice it. I've also hear they are awesome for candid shots and quick focusing. If anyone can make me some reccomendations, i would greatly appreciate it.
As I've recently just learned, that the image quality,
or the ease of use, or advanced features aren't the
highest priority, but the price is the ONLY THING
THAT MATTERS, here's what I would suggest,
since this camera has been mentioned, but not
elaborated on.

Look for an Olympus XA with an A-16 flash.

This camera is:

Aperture Priority, with a Manually set ISO, with a
+1.5 exposure Backlight switch,

By having a manually set ISO, you can compensate
for B&W & Color Negative mislabeled ISO's.
DX won't allow you to do this,

Featuring a 35 mm 6 element, ( planar type ),
f 2.8 lens, the lens can deliver 11 x 14's,
( I've done it ),

A slightly powerful flash with a Leaf Shutter which
will synch up to the maximum 1/500th sec shutter
speed, of the camera,

While the A-16 flash takes only 2 AA batteries, but
if you use Lithiums it's O.K., but just don't keep
the batteries in the flash, when you're not using it,

Also, the flash only has settings for ISO 100 & 400,
but this can be worked around & is not significant,

Completely Manual RF split image focusing but with
a Hyperfocal Focus Setting at f 5.6 @ 5 ft,
when it's needed, ( and it works, I can tell you ),

By size will fit in a Large Cell Phone Holster.