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I never use leica slr but I know that you can use the R lenses on canon eos with adapter. And judging from the form factor of the R8 compared to the previous models I don't think the motor would fit (just guessing here) and the elmar should be for the M rangefinder series.
So probably you'll have the body, a 50mm, 35-70, and a 80-200. A solid set if you plan to use it maybe add a wide angle.
For the price maybe you can check keh.com for guide.
It's difficult to determine if any of these Leica lenses
will work on the R8, because they may not be cammed right.
If they are, then fine, enjoy them.

Daveandiputra is right about the m lens, as well as the projector lens.

Now as far as adapters, you failed to mention if your
Canon is EOS, or FD. All Canon cameras, are kind of
like having AB blood, in that they are universal recipients.
This applies to both film & digital.

If you have EOS equipment, go to Camera Quest;

If you have FD equipment, doesn't seem to be
available at the moment; I would go to
www.CameraQuest.com & E-Mail Steve Gandy...