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Anyone own and use Bessa's ? FYI there IS a Volk. group here.
Here's the kit that I finally was able to put together.
I find that I prefer this to my SLR kit.

First I started off with a Black Contax G-2, with the
following Black lenses:
21 mm f 2.8 Biogon,
28 mm f 2.8 Biogon,
45 mm f 2.0 Planar,
90 mm f 2.8 Sonnar.

About the lenses: I'm not disappointed one bit with what they
do on b&w or colour film. They are everything I had hoped these
versions of the Contax G lenses would be. Tonality, shadow detail
& sharpness are way up there. The T* Coating is probably optimized
for colour, but seems to work well in B&W, as well.

I find that there is something VERY SPECIAL
about the Biogon lens design.

The 28 mm has a " stretch ", that makes it look like
a 24 mm SLR lens, but without the distortion &

The 21 mm has no " discernible " distortion at all.

I mention this here as a prelude because to augment,
this system I've added a Black Bessa L, ( labeled
Cosina 107 SW ), with the following Black lenses:

The 12 mm f 5.6 &
The 15 mm f 4.5 lenses.

Both of these appear to be Biogon designs as well.
While they don't have T* coatings, they are both
Apochromatic, so I know they are similar in sharpness.

With the Contax G-2 being AF & the Bessa L lenses
being Hyperfocal Focus, focusing is NOT an issue, not
like it was on my Old Minolta CLE w a 90 mm f 2.8
Summicron, the focusing window was so small, it
was difficult to focus at all & impossible to do fast.

I may add a Titanium G-2 with a 35 - 70 mm lens to
all of this someday.

Just in case you were wondering, I use a Sunpak 120 J
TTL & a Quantum X2 along with Stroboframe & Newton
Flash brackets for lighting, with these cameras.

Finally, the key to all of this is to build the kit slowly,
when the prices are right. Don't run out & spend top
dollar on this equipment, this is after all an investment,
not just photographically, but monetarily as well.