Hi Charles,

Gelatin (20%) 100 ml
Sugar 5 g
Glycerin 1.5 ml
Pigment 1-5 - 2.5 g
Thymol (10% solution in 95% alcohol) 5 ml
Water (to make) 200 ml Total


Phthalocyanine Blue GS (PB15:3)
Quinacridone Magenta (PR122)
Bismuth Vanadate Yellow (PY184)
Carbon Black (PBK7)

I would like to make carbon color using the form below and dyes.

I ask myself some questions?.

1. You use dry pigments or tube watercolor for coloring?
2. You give a concentration of 1.5 to 2.5 gr
Can give you the exact concentration with gr for different colors Yellow, blue, red and black or % between the Yellow, blue, red and Black with a first exactely gr concentration of pigment to make the color Carbon Tissue.
3. For exposure time, is there a % of UV exposure time between 4 colors color Carbon Tissue

Thank you for your help

The concentration of Pigment
Pigment 1-5 - 2.5 g
What is the best quantity of
Phthalocyanine Blue ? gr
Quinacridone Magenta ? gr
Bismuth Vanadate Yellow ? gr
Carbon Black ? gr
Or the différence centration % between this différents pigments.

Sorry for my english and best regards of all the members of this group

Thank you


Philippe Berger