I have a model which is the same but had a different name in Australia. It works well with fuji film. So far I have shot 100c, 3000B and 100B. It took a bit of getting used to operating a pack camera - i've never used one until i was given this camera. Getting the focus right has also been a bit of trial an error not that I am looking for pin sharp focus on a polaroid! The Colour film is great and of the black and whites i prefer the 100B although I think they have stopped making it. This could be because i shot the 3000B as my first pack of film in this camera and i had a few problems (all due to me not the camera). I wish they made a sepia tone film and the chocolate film polaroid used to make. Who knows if 100C etc sells well they may expand the product line but given they have just cease 100B I think this is unlikely. Enjoy your camera.