I have recently started experimenting with the 80s and Rodinal combination, since the recommended developing times were all quite unsatisfactory for me.
I shot the film at ASA 40, and developed for 9min at 20 C. Shots were all bracketed, shot un-fitlered, with a red filter, and with a 715nm IR filter...
These shots can be seen on my blog, all together for good comparison. Since this is my first post, I can paste a link yet... my website is www dot martinzimelka dot com and my blog can be found there.

There is really a lack of shadow detail, even at ASA 40! As Film Niko mentioned, I also suspect that this film in Rodinal might require shooting it at ASA 20 or less.

I want to try this film in Studional, which I've heard is close to HC110 (TRUE/FALSE???), however, I think the film will need to be pulled as well.