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I do not know where this information comes from or how many prints you have sold to how many high-end collectors. I have sold thousands of black and white prints to over 500 high-end collectors (a collector can be defined as someone who has at least one more photograph then they can hang on their walls0)and to over 130 art museums, and in my 45 years of doing this I have only had one collector and one museum ask for unmounted prints--which I happily gave the, as less work is involved.
Michael, I am sorry I gave the impression that collectors will insist on unmounted prints. That was not my intention. The point I was trying to make was that high end collectors, especially museums are more likely to understand the different mounting methods and the advantages and disadvantages. I agree it is up to the photographer to decide what works for them and dry mounting is very popular (perhaps most but I dont have those stats).