hi albertzerk

i am not quite sure what you mean ...
this past friday the spot price for silver was $30.25 ...
the silver magnet shipped in the usa is 65$ ...
it pays for itself ( and a replacement anode ) the first time it is sent for refining ...

even if you add in the electricity costs, maybe i am wrong, but i don't think it will cost
600$ in electricity to extract 25oz of silver ... that is about what 25oz will yield.

some refiners have minimums + hidden fees,
the refiners i refer people to (in the usa, canada and the uk/eu)
don't have hidden costs and are upfront about their fees ..

if you have a different refiner or a jeweler or someone else that you would rather have refine your silver
you can by all means send it / bring it / sell it to anyone you want. or you can keep the "full" anodes in a
50 gallon drum in your basement, and hoard them until you want to have the whole drum refined at once.
i have made suggestions to take the hassle out of getting them refined
but you don't need to use them if you don't want ..