The dark side of dry mounting.

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..."if the mat gets broken the image is ruined"...
It's not immediately ruined, it takes time...

Scenario: Picture falls from wall, frame separates at the corner, glass shatters...

A. Dry mounted? rather than deal with it, pick out the broken glass, throw the rest in the garage against a stack of other art to deal with tomorrow... tomorrow never comes.

B. Taped/hinged? Unhinge and put print back in portfolio case to be displayed another day. Trash the broken frame/mat mess.

I have two pieces in my garage in state A. They are actually doing alright because I wrapped them. But I wished they could be stored in a flat file.

I have a lovely '70s vintage Larry Ulrich hanging by my desk (Summer Snowstorm. Lost Creek, Lassen National Forest Calif). I say lovely sarcastically because the aesthetic was dry-mount on deep olive matboard pressed right up to the glass of a chunky walnut-stained softwood frame. Still beautiful in a direct-from-the-artist kind of way. But I wish I could have a choice about presentation.

I don't mean to come across as voting that dry-mounting is bad. Just that it _can_ be bad.