Update from luminous landscape thread as to the conditions in the park. More later this week.

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Reply #18 on: September 28, 2011, 12:29:19 PM
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You can check conditions in the park from it's webpage on the DCNR website just google Rickets Glenn and check the advisory link on the tool bar. Irene caused all the water features to flood with moderate erosion with some tree blowdowns. The week after that storm lee caused extreme stream flooding with major erosion, the bridges are out in Lopez and will not be replaced for a long time(the state is pretty close to bankrupt). you can't approach the park from the north, I think you can access the park from the route 118 trail head and from the south from route 487. Even those roads have been undermined. All of the eastern half of Pa surpassed record levels of annual precipitation this week. We are at about 62inches of rainfall already the past record was set in 1972(hurricane agnes year) at 59.2 inches, average annual precipitation is about 31inches. the leaves are beginning to fall but not really color up where i am located about 75 miles south of the park. I will be near the park next week in wilkes barre for a DCNR seminar on invasive plant & insects to get "points" for my landowner herbicide & pesticide permits. I will post regarding fall foliage for you. Currently the DCNR state parks and state forests are officially open they are discouraging most trail usage, I would suggest that you invest in a pair of "Muck" boots or ssome similar waterproof foot wear(tractor supply is running sales on the new neoprene lined ones).

Thanks SangRaal. Gread update.