Just a thought, one of many amongst the 33 pages here. Has there been any thought given to approaching sponsors to advertise or help fund the book, in return, perhaps receiving a special mention or acknowledgment in the fwd or prologue ?

Also, agree with others who ask if the pug community has come to terms with what really is the purpose of this book. Imo, selection should not be voted on by members, this should be the responsibility of a select group (no idea how this will be decided..). Initial edit is done online (if the panel can't meet in one location) and the images then whittled down to whatever number is required for the book.

With the right panel/star chamber/ chosen ones, the editing process can move along quickly. When I've been involved in this type of process as a judge, it really does come down to the fact that images that are compelling will be obvious, if this is indeed the goal of the book project.

If it's meant to be more inclusive and show any and all work, rough or polished, then perhaps open a gallery, announce it to the general membership (subscriber and non) and set a window for submitting, single image only. If people miss the window, then they're not regulars. This should reward those who spend time here. These will form a POD book. Price for the book will depend on membership status on APUG.

Discuss or dismiss