Playing around a little with Formulary TFX-2 and TMX100 (35mm). The mixing instructions call for 25ml A + 25ml B + 450ml water to make 500ml of working solution, which is indicated as the minimum amount required to process 1 roll (presumably to ensure there is sufficient concentrate in the solution).

I only process 1 roll at a time so no problem there, but my small tank only holds 400ml. I can use my larger tank (4-reel 35mm) and fill it with about 875ml, but it's a pain. So I'm wondering if anyone out there has enough experience with this developer to say 400ml working solution is really sufficient (ie 20ml each of A and B concentrates) for a single roll, or if that is cutting corners and will compromise repeatability. I don't cut corners, so I will gladly use the larger tank if it is required, but figured I'd ask. More solution is always better than less, but sometimes the recommendations regarding minimum quantities of developing agent have more to do with marketing and/or simplicity than actual capacities.