I've recently met the photographer Harold Feinstein who has been making pictures going on 65 years or so. He spent about 40 years photographing Coney Island, and made some very good pictures when he was a draftee in the Korean War. He has been an influential teacher over the years, and has done a broad variety of work.

From his biography on his website:

Former New York Times photography critic, A. D. Coleman notes that Feinstein “was considered by the photo world as something of a child prodigy.”2 His work helped define what became known as the “New York School” of photography. In 1957, when Feinstein was only 26, New York Times photocritic Jacob Deschin declared Feinstein’s work “the new pictorialism, the refinement of the craft as technically perfected language.”3 In 1958, H. M. Kinzer, editor of Photography Annual, added: “At the age of 26, Harold Feinstein has reached the point in his photographic career when the word ‘master’ is being applied to his prints by some ordinarily cautious critics.”4

This past weekend, the Griffin Museum honored him with their "Living Legend" award as part of their 6th Annual Focus awards series. Despite this long and varied career, there has never been a book published of his work. There is a local group of people trying to change that by raising funds via Kickstarter to publish his work. I've supported, and hope they reach their funding goal... looking forward to a signed copy of his book!!

His website

Kickstarter link: