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I'm pretty new to Google+, and only have a few contacts. I can't find your circle, Lee. (but I did get your add)
Leaving tomorrow morning to meet up with Marc in Batchewana Bay.
That's one of the privacy advantages of Google+, you make your circles and no one knows which one you put them in unless you tell them. So every user has control over their own circles. For instance, you could put me in a circle you've set up for "Ugliest and Dumbest People I've Ever Met", and all I'd know is that you added me to a circle. You'd never even have to look at that 'circle' if you didn't want to. You can also have the same person in more than one circle, and what you post inside a circle shows only for the people you have in that circle.

So you can click on the notification that I added you and then add me to whatever 'circle' of yours you want me to be in. That's where you'd see my posts to my "Photostock UP" circle, which contains you. You also won't be clobbered with any unrelated posts that I make in other circles.

For laughs see suggested Google+ circles at: http://chicogarcia.wordpress.com/201...oogle-circles/