Got news for you: my darkroom is even smaller. I live in a 12 ft x 12 ft efficiency and my 'darkroom' is in a corner. Years ago I bought about eight rolls of color photo paper (dirt cheap) and cut it all in that tiny space. YOU MUST BE ORGANIZED.

First, set it up. I used an old turntable to mount the roll horizontally so that it would feed easily. It would have been BETTER to hang the roll vertically (so the paper would not twist but it worked), like a water wheel, so maybe you can improvise something rigid to hang a horizontal narrow shaft on.

Then on the (absolutely spotless) table you place a small paper cutter (I use an old Falcon cutter) and tape (duct tape) it down to the table so that it does not move, even a little. You set this all out so that everything will move easily in the dark. Then you place a small box slightly larger than the paper sheet size you will cut. Then you set out the black bag that the paper came in so that you can put the cut sheets in when the box is full.

Try 'dry run' practice with the lights on and using dummy paper. It was a tiring ordeal to do eight big rolls but I have color paper to last a lifetime. But...little room for food in my refrigerator or freezer.

Remember, hands and work area absolutely spotless. - David Lyga.