I was extremely discouraged to hear that Kodak appears to be on its last legs financially and may not survive as a company.

It was bad enough when Kodak ditched Tech Pan - and it was a tragedy when Kodachrome fell by the wayside. Now Tri-X and the entire Kodak product line of film, chemicals and paper appears to be in peril of extinction, along with the entire Kodak company.

How Kodak could go from a worth of $30 billion to today's estimate of $200 million is simply incomprehensible. Not all of that can be blamed on the advent of digital, it would seem. In a world where new emulsions are hitting the market and large format sheet film can still be found in a reasonable variety of sizes and emulsions, how is it possible that Tri-X is in danger of disappearing??

I'm just wondering what others who shoot Tri-X are going to do for film if Tri-X goes extinct.