I bought my first X-700 in '86 and last I ran a roll of film through it was two months ago. It jammed up last year and I took off the top and a spring around the wind lever fell out. I couldn't see where it went so left it off. It works fine without it. I did replace a cap in one of my other X-700's but it was not the problem. They also have another cap that is supposed to be replaced under the top. I didn't want to do that, and good thing as I realized that was probably not the problem anyway as it was wound part way. I sold it on ebay for parts. The 500 is a little better in that you can take slower than 1/60 shots with the flash I think. (You can with the X-700 too if the flash doesn't set the shutter speed.) If my Minolta's died today they would not owe me a cent. They have paid for themselves both in memories and in doing a few weddings. I did always carry them in a nice case and didn't let them bang around, but to call them junk is a little much. My first one is 25 years old. Ric.
P.S. I have always wound and tripped the shutter in my cameras when I haven't used them for a month or so. That keeps the caps working. I think many cameras fell to work because people let them sit for a year and then they don't work. That is like those ads you see on CL where the sellers says, "it worked last time I used it." Meaning when his college aged son was in diapers.