I bought my first X-700 25 years ago and shot everything from weddings to architectural to macro with no problems. When our first child came along my wife wanted me to get a better job that payed regular and had benefits so the 700 was sold and I regretted it for years. A few years ago my daughter expressed an interest in photography so I went to a pawn shop and picked up several cameras cheap. The X-370 worked flawlessly so I gave it to my daughter but the 700 had the shutter problem, I sent it to Garry's and he did a complete CLA for the $45 price and it has worked flawlessly eversince. In two years I would have to say that I have run about 500 rolls of film through this camera and have built up a fairly complete system for macro and architectural, that includes 35/2,8 tilt shift and a tilt shift bellows. I don't have every lens that Minolta made some because I have yet to find them and others because they are so close together focally it doesn't make sense such as having a 17 and a 21mm. I have recently started collecting the pre-MC lenses and the ones I have so far are gorgeous when it comes to the prints. Tack sharp with creamy bokeh.

My advice, get it cheap and send it to Garry, you will never be sorry.