Scott-- I like the idea of using my backdrop stand and cross-bar--anything I don't have to buy is a plus. Sure would love a 42" Rotatrim, but as Eddie mentioned-- they're nutty expensive.

Eddie--That guy had been trying to sell those rolls for a year and my thoughts were the same--old paper and I knew it wasn't refrigerated or stored correctly. Garage, attic, damp basement--who knows? I decided to take a gamble for the price and bought what he had. It was supposedly all sealed, but one box was torn open--typical CL buy. Just made my first test prints tonight and I think it may be ok or at least partially good. There were some strange artifacts--couldn't get a full black in some areas, but that may have been some clumsiness on my part. I need to do more testing.

Thanks everyone for the ideas, I appreciate it!