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First I started off with a Black Contax G-2, with the
With my Old Minolta CLE w a 90 mm f 2.8
Summicron, the focusing window was so small, it
was difficult to focus at all & impossible to do fast.
My Mistake, My Bad, my Leica 90 mm f 2.8 was a
Tele-Elmarit, not a Summicron.

The Summicron would have been an f 2.0 lens.
Which I tired once & found that it was way too
heavy for the light weight Minolta body.

P.S. The lens was impossible to focus sharply at
f 2.8. Leica says that the body was designed to
use an f 4.0 lens. I think that because of the
" Compact " size, the distance between the range-
finder windows was not wide enough.

It took me awhile to figure this out, but I figured
that the lens would be sharper 1 stop closed down

The Contax having a similar focus window distance
but being AF, does not suffer from this problem &
I've shot many images wide open at f 2.8, with NO Problems.