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Mark, do you keep you films to box speeds only or do you push/pull much? If so, how what film and how much....

Bob E.
I do push or pull here and there. I have come to like 100 to 400 speed film's close to box speed best.

I use the Deltas most but have HP5, FP4, TXP, TX, & plus x, in the fridge gathered up both second hand and new.

Don't get hung up here in other peoples opinions or agonizing over your choices here though.

Why you say?

Well consider Delta 3200. It's not really a 3200 speed film, it's a 1000 speed film, Kodak's 3200 too. Shooting and developing for 3200 is a push. My norm with 3200 speed film is shoot at "x" develop at "x+1".

Delta 100 for me needs less than normal development, Delta 400 needs normal times.

There are a variety of reasons this might be, including my mood.

You need to experiment (read that as print) to see what works best for you.

DD-X is great for me regardless of which way I shoot, but it's not a magic bullet. Same goes for the all the rest.