For those of you that use very little C-41 and are into compounding their own developers in the Nov/Dec 1995 Phototechniques magazine has an article by Patrick D. Dignan. Its title is "Dignan NCF-41 A divided developer that works" It is about a divided developer with A and B baths. The batths are kep seperate. The developer has unlimited shelf life. It is used at 75F.

Bath A:
Distilled water (300 ml)
Sodium bisulfite .5 grams
CD-4 5.5 Grams
Sodium Sulphite (anhy) 4.5 grams
Distilled water to make 500 ml total
PH at 75F up to 6.5
Time in bath A 3 minutes including drain
Use continous or intermittent agitation

Bath B
Distilled water 500 ml
Potassium Carbonate 53 grams
Potassium Bromide .5 grams
Benzotriazole (anti fog #2) 2 milligrams.
Water to make 1 liter total
(he mentions that he did not use the Benzotriazole
time in bbath b 6 minutes including drain
PH at 75F 11.8
Use your chosen agitation method
Rest of the development in stop, bleach and fix in regular chemicals

@ 2:45 minutes pour part a back into bottle
(no developing takes place in part a)

Use part B 0ne shot
@ 5:45 pour bath down the drain

No prewet should be used.

An Acetic acid stopbath is used.
The bleach at 75F will be much slower. Film can stay in the bleach for 1/2 hour w/o a problem The film can not be over bleached. Remeber that the bleach is meant to remove 100% of the silver so over bleaching can not happen. It is entirely possible to under bleach.

I have not tried this formula myself.
For those of you not familar with his name Mr. Dignan has been known for a longtime in the photographic industry and is highly respected.

This is said to be a very inexpensive developr.