Meh, kind of open to anything, looking for a fast telephoto and a good wide.

I have been running Nikon pre-AI glass from my Nikkormat system for a year in conjunction with my L glass and I have loved the results. With most Nikon glass it seems to overexpose a 1/2 to 1 full stop, my 50 1.4 Nikkor-S sometimes will go a full 2 stops but I love the background rendering.

I have been using an EOS 5D digital with a full-frame 24x36mm sensor and it's spot on most of the time but on my Elan 7e and EOS 650 it seems to be off by a considerable amount, I use the 5D as a very expensive light meter and copy the settings on the Elan 7e / EOS 650 and the prints seem to be pretty close in exposure.

Fast portrait glass, ultra-wides, those are always on the list of want. I love my Nikkor-P 105 f2.5 and Quanataray 135 f2.8 but have considered going back even older.

Not looking for Leica glass unless it is cheap (and most R-glass is Minolta anyway) I'm not paying 500-1000 dollars for something that doesn't have autofocus or image stabilization and doesn't natively work on my EOS system.