I'd recommend Meopta enlargers, too. Built like tanks. The Opemus is a medium format enlarger (you just change the masks for 35mm).

The 35 mm version is called the 'Axomat'.

But as the other guys say - look around and you might find one very cheap or even free, so the brand is less important.

Save you cash for a really good lens and spend some time cleaning the condensers and / or filters (whichever it has) and setting it up properly (everything flat and parallel).

Personally I prefer condenser heads to diffuser. Traditionally condensers are more for black and white, diffusers tend to be for colour enlargers, but some people like to use them for black and white, too - but it is personal preferences (and there isn't all that much difference, really, until you get to the 'pro' stuff with more complex light sources). D