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In a basic darkroom, what is the danger level? What could possibly happen?

For instance, I've got three chemicals - Dektol, Kodak indicator stop bath, and Fixer. How harmful are those chemicals really? (other than ingestion or eye splashes?)

Is Dektol going to eat through the skin? Countertop? Will the combo of Fixer and Dektol create a toxic gas?

Its awesome that you put out a public warning as a chemistry teacher, but for those of use who are absolutely NOT interested in studying chemistry, WHY is safety important? What kinds of accidents are possible with basic chemicals?
Even the simple darkroom can be dangerous if you are careless. Packaged chemicals, used as directed, are reasonably safe. But even they can react with other things around the house to cause trouble. If you brew you own, you need to be more careful. There are several chemical incompatibilities that you need to be aware of because they can cause serious safety problems. Anschell and Troop's "The Film Developing Cookbook" gives some good guidelines and lists the more common chemical incompatibilities, as do several other photo darkroom books. Even something as simple as pouring developer into fixer can release a cloud of choking, dangerous ammonia gas. Concentrated or solid chemicals are usually more hazardous and generally more troublesome than the diluted solutions. Clean up spills thoroughly and promptly.