As I understand things, Jerevan's recommendations are excellent for someone who is looking in Europe. Many of the other brands referenced here at APUG (Beseler, Omega, LPL?) are also excellent, but the availability of parts and accessories may be more limited in Europe.

With one exception, the only advantages of 35mm only enlargers are that:

1) when new, they were the least expensive; and
2) they are the most compact.

The exception? Leitz enlargers - but if you find one of those, it will most likely be more expensive.

I'd recommend looking for an enlarger that will take at least 6x6 negatives as well. Medium format enlargers are more modular, and tend to be better built. If you can find one that works with 6x7 or even 6x9, even better.

In my market, used medium format enlargers are easy to find for free or nearly free, but that may be particular to here.