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It is a go. WooHoo. I have everything I need except the focal length. I want to use 5x7 paper for the negs and I want a fairly wide angle. WOuld seven inches be enough and still have the circle cover the paper or should I go closer to 9 inches for the focal length?

The links would be great. Thanks.
Mark- here are some links, including the Pinhole Calculator, which should help with the design of your camera & class notes.

Information Pages- Very complete sites
Mr. Pinhole
World Wide Pinhole Day- 4/24/2005
Alternative processes site

Camera Info Pages- Instructions & Plans
4x5 foam core camera
Exposure Calculator
Mr. Pinhole's Calculators Page

Supplies- Pinholes, Brass Shim, Etc.
Cameras, books, workshops & more
Pre-drilled pinholes & more
High-quality/expensive pinholes
6”x60” .003mm Brass shim stock part #9504K15

Pre-Built Cameras & Kits

Gorgeous wood cameras
HAL cameras- wow!
More beautiful cameras
Same company that makes 4x5 & 8x10 kits
Santa Barbara Lensless Camera Company
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Handmade Cameras- Great For Ideas
The Great Pintoid Adventure!
Wooden cameras
The classic oatmeal box camera
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The Flying Pinhole Camera

Eric Renner "Pinhole Photography: Rediscovering a Historic Technique"
Jim Shull "The beginner's guide to Pinhole Photography" ISBN 0-936262-70-2
William Crawford "The Keepers of the light" ISBN: 87100-158-6

Pinhole Photographers & Images
Fun interface & cool tableaux!
Guy Glorieux "Mémoire floue"
Jeff Dilcher
Pinhole camera made of color photo paper

Camera Obscura
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My site, for more of these links on-line