In Dektol, Ilford WT fiber glossy is not nearly as brown as the matte IME. It is more like a "soft gray" than a brown (which is why I love this paper so much; it is not heavy handed). I would definitely sepia tone that paper if I wanted the highlights to appear brown. Another advantage of sepia toning first is that it sort of "locks" the high tones into that sepia hue so that the selenium is not as likely to change the hues there. If you start with a paper that processes as brownish without sepia toning (such as Oriental WT, or the Ilford in a warm-toned developer), the selenium is more likely to change the look of the high tones. So, my advice is to "lock" the high tones with sepia, and then do the selenium. Selenium gives Ilford MGWT glossy a very heavy brownish-eggplant color IME. Kind of unappealing to me unless split toned, actually.