A really interesting and very useful thread for me also. I've just acquired what I believe is a bit of a bargain - a Wista "Field" 5x4 complete with a Wista 150mm "press" lens.

The only negative is that one of the brass locking nuts from one of the front boad is missing. However, I'm taking the camera to a local nuts and bolts emporium and I'm sure I'll find something that will tide me over until I find a way to obtain a Wista replacement. If anyone has contact details for the manufacturer, I'd be grateful to receive them. I've asked the UK distributor for the details but they have not been forhcoming and say they can't obtain a replacement part on my behalf. A bit frustrating but I'll work round them.

I have a couple of "Toyo" film carriers / dark slides. I'm looking for more. Which are the best / most compatible / cheapest options, please? Also, as I'm a complete newbie to 4x5, I would like to get my hands on a Polaroid back - so I can get instant feedback on what I'm doing - right or wrong.

I'm going to get the Steve Simmons book as that looks like a good source of sound advice and something I can carry around with me.

One of the things I like about the Wista is that it fits very easily into a Billingham Hadley bag alongside a few film carriers and my Minolta IVf meter. I have a lightweight travel tripod with an 8kg rating (I also have a Manfrotto 055 X ProB as well - but not so portable), so I just need to get a hood / blackout and I'm pretty sorted.

My main subject will be landscape. I get the impression that a 150mm lens on a 5x4 gives a similar view to a 50mm on 35mm. That being the case, will a 90mm be approximately the same as a 28mm field of view?

Sorry for the brain dump / questions but I'd be really glad to receive any tips pointers.

Good luck and best wishes to the OP as well.