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Kevin, et al:

I was going to PM everyone later today, but this is OK, as maybe more will see it and show up.

I'm going to be there about 3:00, and stay as long as anybody wants - within reason .

Lee said he'll be wearing a D70 "Gimme Cap". (I didn't ask ... ) I look pretty much just like my avitar, since it is my work ID badge photo .

I'll try and be there in the neighborhood of 2:45/3:00. I'll probably be either the only or the first person there sporting a Zorki-2s w/Jupiter-8.

If Dianna succeeds in getting in to work tomorrow by 5am, she'll be able to come too. :o

We're about to call in contractors for various bids on parts of the darkroom. Brace yourself for lots of related questions and discussion.