In such transitional times, one should be grateful for ANY film on the market.
Personally, I haven't shot Lucky or Shanghai, whatever .. but I have started decades ago with very cheap films think ORWO, Svema, Tasma etc, so, I would say that there is no bad film. Good cameras and good films and papers etc doesn't help create outstanding art. In fact, the facts are that the more advanced and technological the tools are, the more crappiest the art is.

If most photographers are as good as cheap films.., there might have been a lot more sense for film popularity.
So, the question is:
How good are You under pressure?
How good are You when Your favorite Kodak and such are threatened?

What is more important for You?
mediocre dumb, B&W shot on Kodak film
soul uplifting, spectacular shot on Lucky or else film?