I had my Pacemaker Speed overhauled by him a couple years ago (new RF, shutter overhaul, etc), and since then I've only used my leaf shutter. However, when I went to use my focal plane shutter, I fount that it had ridden off to the side on it's rollers, and is now rubbing the side of my camera. I had the focal plane shutter overhauled by him, and this problem was present at that time.

I know that he has some sort of guarantee, but I don't know if he'd cover it. I would even pay a minimal price, but I'm not in a position to pour much more money into this camera.

Is it possible that he overlooked this, or is this a flaw I have to learn to live with in this camera? I'd really like my shutter working perfectly, since i'm totally OCD about my speed graphics.

And lastly, is he even still into the camera repair business, or has he retired? I applaud his years of service and technical skill, but the man has got to be in his 90's by now, and if so, I have no idea where to begin on getting this camera back up to "Speed"

What could be causing this in the camera?