Hi all,

I am totally new to this website and forum, and completely green as far as rangefinders go. Until recently I didn't really have any need or interest in rangefinders...but...my wife fell in love with a little Canonet at a pawnshop. The camera was in sorry shape and I talked her out of it - but not out of this sudden fascination with rangefinders! Frankly, after playing around with the little camera... I slowly started to understand the "hype"! Now I want one, and the search is on! I have my mind set on a QL17, mainly because I've read good things about it, and because my wife wants "that one!"...

Sorry about the novel, my question is this:

QL17 use the cursed PX625, which is apparently more evil than Stalin, Hitler and Osama combined... but I digress. I did a fair bit of research into the camera, and consequently into the battery issue. I am aware of all the alternatives (MR9, Wein, recalibration, etc). What sent me after more info from people with experience with these cameras is this little blurb from www.photoetnography.com . Its an article by Karen Nakamura that basically gives a thorough background on the little Canonet, and includes this blurb:

"Although it uses the much hated PX625 mercury battery that is no longer available in the U.S., the Canon engineers did the Right Thing™ and made the circuitry voltage compensating. This means you can use a standard alkaline PX625A battery which you can buy at most larger drugstores or a LR/SR44 battery with liberal amounts of tin foil. Yippee."

Can anyone confirm or deny this little bit of news? I would greatly appreciate your input - thanks in advance!