Thought I'd drop a follow-up to this thread that I started.... I enjoyed the G1 with a 45 and 28 that I picked up early on. I noticed the focus issues that I had read about but for the most part, had good luck and nice negatives to show for it. It wasn't quite in the league of my old Hexar for auto-focus speed, quiet or accuracy, though and I ended up adding a G2 body and also a 90. It may be that familiarity in time will have me preferring over the Hexar?

Just tonight, I was doing some film/developer tests and had reason to photograph the same things with both bodies and in practice, the results are quite equal but I think that I'll be more often reaching for the G2 as it gives a more confident feeling about the focus and has additional controls that will be nice to have at hand.

I'm having fun getting back into 35mm more and enjoying the portable equipment. I think I'm getting lazier or at least, less enthusiastic about carrying heavy gear and pods and I think that I'll actually have a camera with me more often. Whenever I use 35mm, I always re-surprise myself at what it's capable of but paranoia about results keeps the MF and LF exercised the most anyway.