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Regretting letting my Hexar AF go last year and stumbled into a clean, green-label G1 body at a decent price recently. I really don't anticipate or intend to build a full system but just wanted another solid walk-around rig. I'm deciding between a 35mm and 45mm as a lens to search for. The focal length is a coin-toss decision and I thought that I would go with the lens that's regarded more highly. Some limited net snooping just now didn't find any clear information other than a comment on APUG about the 35 not being quite as good wide-open as some other G glass.

Can anyone with some knowledge on these clue me in a bit? Any good links/resources that you can direct me to? Any other focal length (28?) that is obviously superior and warrants consideration as a lone optic? Thanks!
Start with Ken Rockwell. But here's what I know.

First, if your G-1 doesn't have a Green Label in the
film chamber, it's not been updated to G-2 specs to
use a 35 mm lens.

Second, the 45 mm lens is by far the sharper of the
2. According to tests it's the second sharpest lens,
ever produced. They never say what's first, but it's
not the 35 mm. In fact the 35 mm - 70 mm zoom
lens, was said to be sharper than the 35 mm prime
lens. But it requires a Green Label, also.

Third, the G-1 sometimes has problems focusing as
it did not have the combined contrast / infrared
focusing of the G-2. I've seen mine focus in Total darkness.
I personally own a Black Contax G-2.

If you want to see what I say about it all, then go here;