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Well, since the 35mm is the classic walk-around lens and the Green Label G1 can handle it, why not that one? Almost everyone who reviews lenses, however, prefers the Biogon-C 28mm and there is only a 5mm difference. My 45mm is a winner, for sure, and it's only 10mm in the other direction.
The 28 mm is a Biogon design as is the 21 mm
& the 35 mm - 70 mm zoom lens. They are both
amazing. See my other post to reference my listing
on another forum to see my opinions of those 2

The 35 mm is not. It may be a Planar, but it
doesn't work as well as the 45 mm, not by a
long shot.

Well every system has to have a dog, But the
level of excellence is so high, that the 35 mm
get's looked upon as the dog of the series.