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Ditto the comments about the 45 vs 35. The 45 is a much better lens, with nicer rendition of out-of-focus areas and when it's sharp, it's sharper than the 35. The only reason I have the 35 for my system is that I got it cheap, and I doubt I could sell it for enough to make it worth unloading. Get either the 45 or the 28, both of which are brilliant, and pass on the 35. Or go really nuts and hunt around for the 21. I took my G1/G2 rig with me to Barcelona, and in the end the lens I used the most was the 21. The 90 saw a little use, and I was glad to have it for the shots I did use it for, but it's fussy on the G1.
I'de second this advice. I've got both the 28mm and 45mm, both are brilliant. Have used the 35 but don't own it - wasn't impressed with it.