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Good morning, CGW;

Thank you for bringing this video presentation to our attention.

There are a couple of comments: There does seem to be one minor error in the video where they mention that the Nikon F Camera was first presented in June of 1959. That may be a bit late. The first presentation of the Nikon F that I seem to recall was at Photokina in February of 1959.

While the design and manufacturing of the camera obviously are rightfully proud elements of Nippon Kogaku K. K. (Nikon), a healthy portion of the credit for the acceptance of the camera here in the United States should be given to EPOI, Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries, for their innovative marketing of the Nikon F at the time of the turn of the decade from the 1950s into the 1960s. While this may need to be confirmed, one of their efforts may have included presenting to most of the major photojournalists of the 1960 time period with a Nikon F and some lenses for their use in their work in exchange for "their evaluation." When these photographers saw what the camera could do, not only did they buy more bodies and lenses and other accessories for themselves, they also became one of the loudest voices promoting the Nikon F camera system. This turned out to be a masterful marketing coup for EPOI and was rewarded back to them many times over with the profits they made.