Attached are pictures of my new (to me) Omega D2, which I believe is a D2V, despite not saying it specefically on the side. Right now, it's set up for a cold-light head, of which i'm unsure of the origin. I have a few questions about this enlarger.

Why does my cold light head have two power cords? It operates fine using only one, the two pronged one, yet it has both a two prong and three prong cord. I've only tried the two pronged one, since that's the outlet in my bathr... cough... darkroom, so i don't know if the second does anything.

Secondly, can I print formats other than 35mm with this thing? Where do the negative carriers go, directly below the cold light head/in between it and the massive 4x5 carrier?

Thirdly, has anyone ever seen a "Precision negative carrier" before? I'm impressed, it's a pretty solid piece of metal.