Nitric + hydrofluoric doens't make aqua regia as pointed out above.

But when I worked in an analytical testing lab I once recieved a bottle of nitric and hydrofluoric for testing from a chrome plating shop - it was a pickling bath solution. The liquid in the bottle was dark green and weighted much more than the same amount of water (or those two acids) whould have from all the dissolved metals in it.

The outside of the bottle was labelled "MF Acid". I showed it around to some of the old timeres there and asked if MF acid was some sort of special industry name they had heard about before - none of them had. But every one of them suggested that is stood for "motherf***en" acid.

I tested it and it was 35% Nitric, and 10% HF. I think I'd call it MF acid as well if I worked with that on a routine basis...