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I hit up that Hunt's all the time for short date specials and haggling over the over priced dusty "old" stuff.

I haven't been to Calumet or EPs in ages. Mostly because Waltham is more expensive in gas than shipping from Freestyle.
I use Freestyle, B&H etc. whenever I can for that exact reason. Plus I know they have what I want. I drive a Ford F250 4x4 = 10 mpg So even $6.95 s&h is cheaper for me. I hate driving to Hunt's only to see that they don't carry it, or there out of it. Not to mention having to hear the "wow you still use film? why?" Crap. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is annoying just the same. I understand how businesses have to operate to stay afloat and that's fine. I'll just shop and spend my money were I know, I'll find what I need.