I think I am in the minority here. I started out shooting portraits, and family photos. I did it part time for several years. I was never happy. No matter how hard I tried to make "masterpieces", It always came down to the fact that I genuinely hated what I was doing. I finally wised up and decided that I would earn my living soley from staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day, and satify my creative bug by sahooting photos for myself. This turned into taking black and white scenics pretty much exclusivly. I still shoot a little color film. Probably about 10 rolls a year now. Am I limiting myself by not shooting street photography? I don't think so, narrowing my focus to scenics and nature has forced me to take the best photos that I am able to. I'm not good at street, have no interest in bird photography, and while I got pretty good at portraiture, it bores me to death. Ok, enough rambling from me, its dinner time