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I read the article also, and wondered about AA and his color photography comment. I took a workshop at his hallowed enclave at Yosemite. One of the reasons he did poorly with color was he hated color. Now how many of you could produce a good picture if you had to shoot something different with a medium you hated? He didn't take the time to get to know color's subtilties as he did B&W.....
Hmmm. I guess you were far closer to Ansel Adams and his color work than I am, so ... no argument from me. I do have a couple of prints of his color photography... from "Horizons", March 1960.

I wish I could do as "poorly" as these ... even a little bit.

I've used these to illustrate "style". Most would not immediately recognize them as Ansel Adams work, being hooked into his image as a "Black and White" photographer - but once their authorship is known, they are obviously Ansel Adams photographs.

It is nothing short of phenominal to me that he could do this well with a medium he "hated".